Simon Pearce Evergreen Trees and 3 Fine Grains Giveaway Winner!

Several Christmases ago Dave presented me a beautiful box tied with a purple ribbon. I unwrapped the most gorgeous crystal evergreen tree. I had never seen one before, but Dave spied it in the city and knew I would love it. It remains one of my most cherished gifts. Each year he adds to my collection. My Simon Pearce Crystal Evergreen Trees remain my favorite collection.

I keep them out all year, but during the holidays I add my collection of antique mirror and mercury glass trees. All together they make a spectacular display in the Conservatory on our piano. They reflect the snow and sunlight during the day and Christmas tree lights in the evening.

They are really stunning and a true work of art as each one is hand blown by master artisans in Vermont.

This year Simon Pearce added the bubble trees. These have tiny air bubbles in them to imitate snow. They are very pretty too, and prefer them mixed in with the clear ones.

Simon Pearce has a wonderful video showing the intense process and mastery needed to create one of these beautiful trees. You can view it HERE.

The Boston store has this wonderful table display using the trees as an interesting centerpiece. I just may want to create a similar display on Christmas Day on my own holiday table. The way they sparkle and catch the light is just magical.
Finally congratulations to Morning T for winning our Grain Sack Christmas Tree. Enjoy, Enjoy!!
And another big thank you to Kymberley Fraser of 3 Fine Grains for such a generous giveaway!
May you all enjoy this wonderful week!

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