Outside cold – Inside warmth

“King Winter” is ruling over Belgium at this moment! This weekend he treated us again with lots of snow! I know, I know,.. a lot of traffic misery… but on the other hand, gorgeous picturesque scenery!

We were fortunate to be at home this weekend and enjoyed winter time mostly from inside the house.

We tried to hang some Christmas decoration around the house, but we didn’t atteint that far.

Yesterday afternoon we went Christmas “snow” shopping. In Belgium, this time of the year, shops are open on Sundays.

I want to share with you some pictures I took this weekend from inside our home.

Foto 20 december 2010 011 View to our outbuilding.


Foto 20 december 2010 013

Foto 20 december 2010 035 Again the outbuilding and surrounded garden.

Foto 20 december 2010 018 Do you see the whirling snowflakes?


Foto 20 december 2010 036

Here on below  you can see the Christmas wreaths we hung at the balcony fence and at the entrance gate.

Foto 20 december 2010 034

The wreaths are covered with snow! You can hardly see them.

Foto 20 december 2010 026

Foto 20 december 2010 029 


Last week I decorated inside the house.

Here you can see the Christmas decoration in our orangerie.

Foto 20 december 2010 003


This year our Christmas tree is standing in the living room.

Foto 20 december 2010 005

Foto 20 december 2010 042


To warm you up (especially to my readers who live in countries where it is very cold and where it is snowing), I treat you with some pictures of interiors with a warm color palette.


7 (Victoria Hagan via 1st dibs)source : Victoria Hagan via 1dibs

8source : unknown

1( Katie Leede) source : Katie Leede


3 (Axel Vervoordt Knack Weekend December 2010) source : Axel Vervoordt  scanned from Magazine Knack Weekend December 2010


2( Katie Leede)source : Katie Leede


6 (Scot Meacham Wood)source : Scot Meacham Wood


9 ( Visual Vamp blog) source : Study room of Valorie from the blog Visual Vamp


12 (www.guadarte.com) source : Guadarte


10 (Valckenborg Kapellen) source : Valckenborgh


13 (Coté Ouest n° 86) source : scanned Côté Quest n°86

15 (miresparis) source : Mires


14 26 Ray Coggins  source : Ray Coggins


11 (miresparis) source : Mires


16 (Decoration Empire)source : Decoration Empire

Aren’t they all beautiful and warm?!



Christmas wishes

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