Pretty In Pink & Closet Envy!

I was browsing the listings in Boston and came across this fabulous home. Though not generally a fan of pink, I had to share this wonderful room with you.
The architectural detail was lovely. The shade of pink was just perfect. Loved the crystal chandelier! Such a sweet room.
Here is a close up of the moulding details, notice the ceiling. Just dreamy!
The house also boasted the most magnificent closets.
Not only were there so many of them, but the again the detail was absolutely stunning.
Take a look at this close up - They really don't make closets like this anymore!
I was thrilled to see yet another fabulous closet - Perhaps this is the gentleman's space.

As if the exterior of the closet was not beautiful enough - the interior is equally exquisite! I am quite sure I would move into this closet!
You can see more of this home here. I wish I could convince Dave to move again, my clothes would be so happy....

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