Light Up The New Year with Fire and Ice!!

Happy New Year!! We will be outdoors tonight enjoying some fireworks on New Year's Eve. We will be watching them from a dear friend's beautiful outdoor patio. I was trying to come up with a wonderful hostess gift and decided to make some Ice Sculpture Luminaries.
I have always been fascinated by the the combination of Fire and Ice. I love the warm ambiance it creates. Of course they can be made with just water, but I love the rustic feeling the addition of evergreens and pinecones bring. Here is a wonderful how to pictorial I found:
You need two bowls, one much larger than the other. Fill 1/3 of the large bowl with water. Add pinecones and evergreens.
Place the smaller bowl inside the larger bowl
Weight the smaller bowl down with a large rock. Freeze several hours outdoors or in your freezer - it's been so cold that for us outdoors works fine!!
To unmold run warm water over the larger bowl to release ice sculpture. Add a candle and enjoy!
Happy New Year, my friends!! Looking forward to sharing even more wonderful things with you in 2011!!
(photos Southern Living & Bolig)

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