Surroundings Holiday E-Magazine & Saturday's Marketplace

(Photo by Michael J Lee Photography via Surroundings)

Check out Linda Merrill's Surrounding's E- Magazine this weekend when you have a few moments of quiet time. Stunning images, gift ideas and great holiday tips from many top designers and bloggers, including one from Willow Decor! (was that little old me on page 7??)

Click HERE or on the photo
Relax and enjoy some Holiday design inspiration then let me know what you think! Be sure to check out more of Linda's amazing work on her blog Surroundings or during her fabulous design podcasts via The Skirted Round Table.

Also, my sister and I, (the one who wonderfully organized my Toy Room to Teen Room), are headed to The Wellesley Marketplace Craft Show this morning. If you have time and live nearby try to stop in. It's a huge juried show with fabulous items. The best part is that the show's profits are returned to back to the community through the wonderful work of the Wellesley Junior Women's Club. For more information about Marketplace click HERE.

Have a Happy Saturday!!

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