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New Decorating Tips Design for Decorating HomesBeautiful Design BISAZZA SHOWROOM LOS ANGELES

Mosaic comes out of the bathroom, exiled there too long, and transcends this traditional frontier to reach other spaces of the home, from the living room to the study, in countless possibilities. The Bisazza collection, comprised of floral motifs, fabric patterns and geometric compositions, suggests the use of mosaic as wallpaper, creating a fusion of classic decoration and contemporary design trends, integrating luxury with elegance, and creativity of detail with harmony of colors and materials. It offers a refined and elite style for decorating homes, business premises and public buildings

New Decorating Tips Design for Decorating HomesNice Design BISAZZA SHOWROOM LOS ANGELES

The entrance is characterised by the presence of four columns clad in Righe Oro, a simple decoration in stripes of gold and white mosaic. On the floor Dama Nera, a checker board black and white pattern inspired by the British optical fabrics. It leads to the first room where gold is the main motif with the walls clad in Damasco Oro Giallo, inspired by the traditional brocades, on one side, and Etoiles Oro Giallo, a fine lace motif, on the othe

New Decorating Tips Design for Decorating HomesElegant Deisgn Decorating Homes for Livingroom

New Decorating Tips Design for Decorating HomesCute Design Decorating Homes for Bedroom

It seems as if children disappear into their bedrooms at age 12 and don't reappear again until they are 18. Help them create cozy and comfortable sanctuaries. Teens embrace a decorating philosophy that makes many adults cringe: Cover the walls with what's important to you. Posters, personal mementos, photos of family and friends, and nature themes are popular decorating accessories for teens. How a room feels is more important than how it looks. "When most parents decorate kids' rooms, they make them too neat and orderly," explains a 14-year-old girl. "It's just not cozy that way." Above all, they want a décor that is cheerful and comforting. "I want things that make you feel uplifted after a bad day at school," says a 12-year-old. "Your room should be a sanctuary." It's especially cool, say kids, if that sanctuary includes a comfy upholstered chair for just hanging out or a reading nook, such as the window seat in this room. Although some teens express color preferences, they admit that their tastes are fickle. Paint lets teens make design statements inexpensively. If your child's choice is a high-energy color such as purple, spread out the impact by using lighter and darker shades as in this room. Natural light, white woodwork, and a clean contemporary look also offset the strong hue

New Decorating Tips Design for Decorating HomesLuxury Modern Design Decorating Homes

New Decorating Tips Design for Decorating HomesBeatiful New Design Decorating Homes for Livingroom

With basic white walls and run-of-the-mill fixtures, most newly-constructed homes could use a big dose of personality. What are the keys to imprinting your personal style to create instant character? We’ve enlisted three clever interiors experts to provide some design inspiration. 1. Details, Details. A few well-placed architectural details can turn a bland room into a grand room. Add dimension to a ceiling with coffers or beams. “This is a great way to define different sections of large spaces, such as a kitchen, dining, or great room,” says Richmond, Virginia-based interior designer Marcie Blough. 2. Windows of Opportunity. Framing a window with the right treatment makes a marked improvement in the finish level of a new room. “It’s easy to add drama, color, and detail with drapery hardware and great fabrics,” says interior designer Kathryn Chaplow, of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mount treatments several inches above the window casings for added height.3. Color Your World. Painting is the fastest way to enhance the look of a room, and a little color in an unexpected place can make a big impact. “I love interior doors painted a contrasting color,” says Chaplow. “Black doors in a house with all white trim are so chic, and touches like that provide an instant sense of customization and history.”4. Don’t Tip the Scale. Many new homes have high-volume ceilings, so it’s important to maintain balance in the space below. “Nothing makes a big room look disproportionately large like tiny furnishings and accessories,” says Chaplow. For large walls with little detail or trim work, try a grouping of nicely framed art or a grand, framed mirror. “Remember to keep accessories focused, and in proportion to the size of the area,” the designer notes. “A lot of small things can become clutter rather than points of interest.”5. Light Up Your Life. The right (or wrong) lighting can instantly change the mood of a space. “Ideally, a room should have three types of lighting,” says Blough. “Ambient (overhead), task (focused on an area for a specific activity), and accent lighting (such as a sconce) add interest.” Pendants over a kitchen island, sconces in a bathroom, a striking foyer fixture, or small LEDs in built-in bookshelves, can add instant light and life. Or try directional lighting in a hallway for a cool, gallery effect.6.Mix it up. A blend of eclectic furnishings and accessories can give a new home a cozy, lived-in look. When designing the interiors for a custom home, Skye Kirby of Lillian August in Norwalk, Connecticut, spiced up the palette of creams, grays, and golds with pops of black and small touches of animal print. “A little bit of zebra goes a long way,” Kirby says. She also maintained a proper balance of new and old-looking pieces by introducing a rustic cabinet with vintage glass doors to the tailored family room

New Decorating Tips Design for Decorating HomesBeauty and Luxury Design Decorating Homes for Livingroom

If you have decided to buy a new house, be sure to work closely with your architect or builder not only in devising blueprints but also as the structure takes shape. If adjustments or substitutions are in the plans, make sure you have final approval. Small changes, such as an extra counter where the kids can hunker down for a snack or no shelf in the bath, will impact how each room functions. Use these decorating tips for new homes as you begin to make your plans. When buying a newly constructed home in a subdivision or development, sign on the dotted line as soon as possible. Purchasing a new home before standard flooring, cabinets, fixtures, and appliances are installed expands your decorating options and eliminates the expense of replacing those materials -- the ones you would never have chosen -- later.Keep in mind that tract-type builders translate few­er decisions, while semicustom builders generally offer a variety of packages featuring different upgrades along with floor plan options. If you intend to enlist an interior designer for your new home, involve him or her as soon as possible to help determine color schemes and select appropriate finishes. Your designer should have a copy of the blueprints or just the room, window, and doorway dimensions to choreograph furnishings. Dimensions are also invaluable when it comes to older homes. Ask the seller if they'll allow you to take measurements. You may not be able to fit your queen-size bed through a narrow passageway in a rambling old farmhouse or a cottage. You don't want to learn that on moving day! Although it's not always feasible, staggering closing times will allow you to work on your new home before you have to vacate the other home. Jobs like painting and repairing are easier when rooms are devoid of furniture and boxes. Even a few days will give you the opportunity to paint the bath and scrub the carpets.Integrating new decorating ideas from room to room can sometimes present a challenge. On the next page, find out how to prevent your new interior decorating from clashing with older interior decorating

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Location, location, location. In the garden, the patio is the place where everybody congregates. Usually my clients want to know where to locate their patio and what size it should be. The best place is where you have a natural tendency to sit; a comfortable area with ample room. If you prefer sitting in the sun, I would look at the sun pattern (during a day when you are at home) and figure out where the sunniest area of your garden is situated. The sun is the most intense between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m

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I like to cook, especially when I don't have to. When I have the time, I like to whip up the real thing, like a pie with a homemade crust. My cooking style generally can be classified as "get outta my way." I need space for all the stuff I'm chopping and shredding. There are a lot of dirty dishes and a lot of tools. It's not a pretty process. But I like a pretty kitchen as much as the next person. So I visited some model homes recently to indulge in a little window shopping -- and to find out whether new kitchens are for looks or for cook

New Decorating Tips Design for Decorating HomesNew Modern Design Decorating Homes Ideas

Decorating a home can be as difficult as purchasing a home, but Bowen Family Homes has come up with a brilliant idea to help new buyers realize the full potential of their home. Bowen Family Homes has partnered with Pottery Barn to give new homebuyers an array of ideas to decorate their home. The new model home at Kensington Creek Manor showcases a variety of Pottery Barn furniture and accessories

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