iHouse 'Smart door' opens only after checking your fingerprint

You no longer have to carry a bunch of home keys along wherever you go or worry about your home security. iHouse is here with the technologically advanced door that lets you open the doors with biometric readings. Yes, you read it correct, it first identifies your fingerprint and lets you enter your house, so obviously burglars won’t be able to open your hi-tech home doors. :)

All you have to do is place your finger on the scanner to release the door’s lock, and you can program other fingers for operating the lights, activating the AC, lifting the window blinds and lots more. Not only this, your smart door lock is endowed with a cool feature of storing the data, date and time of the last 64 accesses, thereby giving you the information on who entered the residence during that period. If somebody in your family doesn’t have the clearance to enter the house at a given time, he or she can remotely, by making a call, via PC or pocket PC unlock a gate. Its number pad also enables you to open the door, but for that you gotta know the password. Now, that’s a smart door!

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